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5 Free Apps Every Association Professional Should Use

As the association landscape continues to change, more and more association teams are required to adopt new technologies and learn modern business methodology.

New technology is changing the way both trade and professional associations do business and communicate. Are you up to date with the latest technology? It seems new apps, software and tools come out every day…

So how do you keep up?

Well, there’s a lot of new tech out there and I’m going to give you run-down on the 5 you and your association team should start using now if you’re not already.

Plus, the more technology you learn now will translate into experience when you move on to your next trade or professional association job.

It’s a great feeling to be the hero coming into a new association job; why not capitalize on the likely low hanging fruit that is outdated technology? Most associations could use some sort of tech facelift to some extent.

The more well-versed you are in modern business tech, the more valuable you are to association employers.

Slack – the office messaging platform for teams.

Email. It’s dreadful at times.  

How many times do you go into work Monday morning only to see 50 unread emails in your inbox?

What a great way to start the week.

If your association office communicates internally via phone and email, you need to seriously consider Slack.

Slack streamlines communication and create a collaborative and fun environment for association teams.It’s a simple messaging platform that reduces the need for email makes it MUCH easier to work with your team — especially if you’re working remote. You can create different channels (chat rooms) based on specific teams or projects, direct message anyone in your organization, and share documents immediately by drag-and-drop.

Slack will be your new best friend and you’ll never look at email the same way again.

Best part?

It’s free with unlimited users. The only catch is there is a limit to file storage, stored chat history and a few other features

Trello – Project management software that makes collaborating fun.

Trello solves a huge problem in the association profession – tracking, managing and assigning tasks that are part of a bigger project.

Often times any given department in an association has several projects or events going on all at once.

How do you keep up with it all?

You can add your team to Trello and collaborate on projects and keep track of everything that needs to get done.

See more here: Trello

Evernote – cloud based note taking

This is one of my favorites for note taking.

It’s a web application that can be used on desktops and across most devices to take notes.

Evernote is great because it consolidates all of my thoughts, ideas, plans, meeting notes, etc. all in one place.

I can’t tell you how many Moleskine’s  I’ve misplaced over the years; Evernote solves that problem.

The note taking software is easy to figure out and makes keeping up with your thoughts and ideas much more simple. There’s a free version that works great for personal notes; Evernote has a few paid add-ons like a presentation function.

RescueTime – Learn and improve your online habits

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to stay more focused while at work, or if you have a tough time in general staying focused, you need to check out RescueTime.

RescueTime is a free app that tracks your activity throughout the day on your computer.

Daily and weekly reports will show you, for example:

  • Time spent on email
  • Time spent on any applications you use like Slack or Trello
  • How long you spend on each and every website you visit

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I thought I had the ability to stay nearly 100% focused on whatever task was at hand. As soon as I downloaded RescueTime, I was shocked about how much time I was spending every week being unproductive.

This app helps thousands of people understand their online habits and empowers professionals all around the globe to stay more focused on work.

It’s measurable too so you can set goals and see productivity results by the day.

If you’re adamant about curbing a few habits and staying more focused at your association job, RescueTime is a much needed addition to your worklife.

Flux – the solution to staring at a screen all day

Looking a screen all day can have averse affects on your eyes and your brain.

How bad for your eyes are computer screens?

You’d surprised. It can cause eye strain, headaches, restlessness and difficulty sleeping

Meet Flux, the screen dimming software you can customize to your preference. Flux not only dims your screen, it changes the bright blue hue to a gentle sunset appearance.

There are tons of helpful, free apps out there. Which ones do you use?


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